When you have a question, either big or small, you're not alone! Draw on experience and knowledge from people all over the world with the FIRST app exclusively for giving and receiving ADVICE.

Whether a problem with love, jobs, pets or fitness to name a few, this colorful app covers lots of topics and lets you get real help from real people. Next time you're bored, instead of playing a game, spend some time shaking through questions and offer a little advice of your own.

Made for kids, teens and adults, Advice is a comprehensive community to get answers and share wisdom anonymously. Although the app draws from the knowledge of people across the globe, it's easy to ask and answer questions from your own backyard with Advice's LOCAL feature. Choose to answer questions from people in your area and help them find great restaurants, travel and music in their town. When you're ready to answer questions, narrow down your search to the things you know best by choosing the question CATEGORIES you want to see.

Advice is a groundbreaking app designed to bring people together and help one another out. Start getting advice now!

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